Sunday, November 2, 2008

Collect and Combine

I have chosen to collect my blogs and combine them into a single blog:

The Government Intervention blog will no longer be added to, nor edited. New posts regarding mostly improper government intervention will be added to the new blog address.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

or not

It looks like another day or two will pass before the government asks the general public to pay for the big company mistakes.

Possible agreement?

Lawmakers: Wall Street rescue accord reached

It looks like they have it all figured out. How to stop the imending recession. How to keep moron massive companies from going under. It looks like they are going to make the public pay for the big companies' mistakes.

Fortunately, there is a light hope:

“The taxpayers haven’t done anything wrong,” said Rep Eric Cantor, R-Va., adding that rather than require them to bear the cost of the bailout, the alternative “pretty much puts the burden on Wall Street over time.”

Too bad not everyone can see the light. Not everyone can see that it wasn't our fault that these massive companies did stupid things and should have to pay for it - even if that means going under. No - the public will end up paying for their mistakes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Bailout ranting

(and there'll be plenty more to come)

I read this article this morning. I agree with it mostly, but let me point some things out:

Steve Ebels is being interviewed. He says:
“I would just like to see some way that these people are held personally accountable,” he said. “We’ve got to do more of that in this country: personal responsibility and accountability.”

Duh! Steve is just one of many people who feel this way.

“All (the bailout has) done is transfer all the indiscretions of all these people onto the shoulders of the taxpayers,” he said.

Well lucky us eh? It's nice to make sure that the filthy rich get filthier rich by paying for it ourselves.

"As Americans digest a dizzying series of events that has left Wall Street shaken to its core, the mood on Main Street is shifting from fear to loathing. They are angry that government regulators did not do enough to prevent this — and protect them — in the first place. "

No - it's not 'shifting'. It shifted MONTHS ago. MONTHS! I was angry about this months ago.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Government Intervention

Another day and another article about how the governement is interveening 'on our behalf' to help save America. I'm tired of it. I think I'll share some of my opinions on it.